18 October 2006

Reading in Bed

I read to you in bed,
the sheets pulled over our shivering bodies
that were otherwise naked.
Serenity in your smile and
peace in your eyes,
you taught me how to say superfluous
and I discovered just how beautiful you truly are.

As I read those words
my hungry voice wanted to confess -
Your beauty is something else,
something valued in my amazement
and something I have never witnessed.
The distance between us revealing
that I never wish to take for granted
your breath on my skin.
It warms me more than you will ever know.

I placed the book gently on your bedroom floor
amongst our scattered clothing
that fell from nights before.
I fell into you once again,
I fell into something that moves me.
Your face that shines before me
tells me I will never grow tired of discovering
Just how beautiful you truly are.


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