16 January 2007

Healthy Resolutions

It’s only the middle of January and I have already completed two of my so-called New Year’s resolutions. The first resolution completed - I have (nearly) abandoned my fear and went to see my very own doctor.

I saw my new doctor for the first time last week. The clinic was surprisingly empty. I was afraid that it would be full of snotty children and other various St-Henri folk who may or may not have the dreaded “gastro” that is going around in Montreal. The only annoying part about the wait was the young college student who talked loudly on her cell phone the entire wait. I heard all about her car troubles and the difficulty scheduling her dance classes – like, omg, shut up!

When the doctor finally saw me, she put my mind at ease. See, I’m scared of most doctors as I believe they will tell me something truly awful and tragic. For example, “You are going to die”. She didn’t. She was very reassuring and very friendly. I confessed that I was nervous to go to the doctor. She asked if she makes me nervous. We laughed it off and she told me that if there is anything wrong, we can fix it. Instead of having to fill out a sheet of medical history while I waited in the lobby, she asked me questions and wrote it down herself. That impressed me. I didn’t feel like a number. Much like the walk-in clinic doctor back home, I felt like she was her only patient. I think that is important in finding a good doctor.

She gave me no explanation for my odd dizzy spells though. We talked for a while. She listened to my lungs and heart, checked my neck glands, and recorded my blood pressure (which is apparently “perfect”). She said the reasons for my dizziness/lightheadedness could be a number of things, including anxiety as the doctor back home mentioned. Another good sign of a good doctor – she doesn’t seem like a pill pusher. If it is anxiety, I do not want to rely on pills unless I truly have to take them. She agreed with me and said that exercise is the best remedy at times. Now, if they could only make a pill to end my sheer laziness!

This morning, I had blood work done. I had to go in twice – once before eating breakfast and once after. They will be checking for hypoglycemia, thyroid, iron, glucose, and so on. I will get the results come January 29th. I’m not as paranoid of the results. I’m at the point where I just want this lightheadedness to end. I’ve basically been off for an entire month on a work hiatus and I haven’t been up to venturing out solo. I feel like I haven’t done enough during this time off, physically and socially speaking.

During this time off, however, I have completed my second New Year’s resolution. I have made soup.

Now, I realize this isn’t a life changing resolution like most people make and then eventually break. That’s why I keep my resolutions simple. I don’t even like calling them resolutions. Ah, more like non-stressful plans for the year ahead of me. If I fail to complete a non-stressful plan for 2007, it’s no big deal. I think the idea of finding a new doctor was the most stressful one on my list. However, one should never underestimate the power of a good bowl of soup.

I have to toot my proverbial horn here. I made a pretty damn good pot of soup for my first time. Sweet Baby Jesus, it was a damn fine bowl of soup! I made a tasty pot of leek and potato soup. It was a, as Borat would say, great success! And not only a pot of soup, I made a dozen of cheese and onion muffins to eat with it.

I rock domesticity.

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